Charm Bracelets, Cufflinks & Brooches

Charm Bracelets, Cufflinks and Brooches are made using plated metal. Bracelets are silver or bronze coloured. All other items, silver coloured. Could be mounted on sterling silver on request. 

Customised designs using a piece of wood special to you may be possible. Ideal for personalised gifts or as novel wedding favours? Email me with details. 


Arboretum charm Bracelets
Made with a variety of wood types and shapes.
Mounted on plated metal
Left to right:
Spalted Beech, Olive Ash, Yew, Olive, Walnut, Oak, Cherry, Spalted Beech, Rippled Maple
Mixed woods
Birch bark & birch wood
Lapel pins

On plated metal pins or brooch fastenings