Here are just some of the other wooden items I make.  Contact me for more information or requests. Most designs are available in different woods and shapes.

All items are handmade, using a range of woodworking techniques including turning on the lathe. As with the jewellery, every item has its own unique wood grain pattern and colour. Because wood is a natural material, it often has characterful 'flaws', which I make no apology for as I see it as part of its appeal over synthetic material and mass produced items.  

Turned Birds
Mounted on wood for wall hanging
(~15-20 cm high)
Free standing
wading birds
(~7-12 cm long)

Mantle piece free standing clocks

in various woods.

Sizes approx 

10-15cm high

bud vases and Twig pots

Mostly mini sized vases, ranging from
 6-10cm high.
Some have glass or plastic inserts for fresh flowers.

Yew (7-10 cm high)

Spalted beech (6-7cm high)

Oak (14cm high)

Tea lights
Shawl pins